Sunday, 8 May 2011


This poetry is from Br Abdullah Mace of USA
For ALL the women and mothers we love  so much 

Cilup! Baah
Br Abdullah Mace says on Mother's Day - 

You know I’m not too big on any holiday 
But do believe each Mother should have her day 

Whether she’s a baby’s mama, daughter or wife 

She’s the one to be sure that gave each man his life. 
I am innocent, Mother!
Paint me white
or paint me black,
what is important is
your eternal love and blessing
There ain't enough days in a year to say
Just how much we really love you.
So please accept it from us today
In case we forgot and missed a few.

There’s no doubt in my mind
Without you I’d be another man.
Cause for me you’re one of a kind
Tho’ there’s a “you” for every other man.

Speaking for myself of course
And millions like me who also rejoice
In this same feeling that I have
Each one of us has a loving mother, sister, daughter…
or just a better half.

We thank you all for always being there
From the 9 before day one ‘til now.
Without you we wouldn’t be anywhere
And there wouldn’t be any tomorrow.

We love you for so many things
The ones that are big and small.
Each day begins with what your love brings
And it seems to never stop at all.

Each day is every Mother's day
Just as sure as we each have a birthday
And fo sho THAT you can believe
Cuz thru you this life we did receive.

So here’s a toast to every Mother
On Every Mother’s Day
We love you like no other
Today, tomorrow and everyday.

Sheikh Abdullah Mace (as posted in Facebook on May 8, 2011 - Jamadil Akhir 5, 1432)

Because of you, therefore I am....
I love you Mama

"O Allah, Forgive me and my parents, bless them both with Your Mercy, Kindness and Love as they both protect and love me when I was small" Prayer of Nabi  SAW extracts from The Lofty Readings.

To All my dearest sisters and all mothers wherever you may be....Happy Mothers Day and always remember that in your hands are the fate and destiny of this beautiful planet earth...When all of you are good, this world is paradise but when ANYONE of you is bad, this heaven will turns upside down. Thus spoken, in this august day please hug your husband amourously and kiss your kids tenderly. I love you All and I pray that God be Merciful to to you and guide you always ---Ibn Hisyam 

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