The Sacred Mind

The Lord created Mind from a hidden light. At first it was hidden and Allah wished it to shine forth. 

So He equipped it with knowledge and He gave its soul Discernment. He placed Asceticism on its head, and Modesty on its eyes, Wisdom upon its tongue, Gnostic within its ears, Kindness and Compassion in its heart, lofty Aspiration in its spirit and Patience in its essence.  

Allah decorated Mind with all the attributes of perfection, for the light of Mind is spiritual, and it belongs to the spirit of man, the Children of Adam…

From The Prophet (SAW) Transmitted By Sayyidina Ali (RA)
Extracted from the book Lore of Light by Amina Adil (Sheikh Nazim Al Qurbusi Naqsbandi Foundation of America)

Prophet Muhammad Ibn Abdullah (SAW) is the embodiment of perfection. He is the Most Perfect creation amongst all the creations of Allah (SWT) which are all perfect. If one travels to follow The Most Perfect and emulate all his atributes of  perfections, one will surely  arrives at some status of perfections for Allah who is Absolute Perfection creates all his creations not alike but equal in perfect proportions.