Friday, 11 March 2011

The Keeper Of The Fountain

He planted the seeds yet he was not a gardener. Neither was he a harvester. I know him for certain that he is The Keeper of The Fountain and The Master of all the King's slaves in the garden. He is also The Last Gate of Eternal Wisdom who stands taller than the fountain itself which stood even taller than all the fountains in all the gardens in the universe. Surrounded by thousands of slaves that sit around to learn their trades from The Keeper, The Fountain is almost always hidden from view if not for the signs of water that overflows from the uppermost tier.

"O Beloved Master, this trade I am now learning I am not scared that I maybe wronged as much as I fear doing wrongs to others!" I lamented my heart contents to him.

"By removing a thorn in the garden path so others may be safe from its harm? Or just watering the flowers here in this garden so the worms will get wet?" He replies smiling, the light of  his handsome face so radiant like a full moon. His row of pearly white teeth just barely visible as  a thin shiny line; even the whitest of pearls from the islands of Juju would pale in comparison. The sweetness of his smile so sweet that the sweetest of honey in the garden is envious. 

It is hard to imagine or else to believe that this gentlest of all creations when he first arrived at this very garden he was pelted with stones, faeces and carcasses by children, men and women alike not excluding his own family and tribe who not only torture but disown him as well.

"Sir! With your permission I shall crush them all with those mountains of rocks!" Jibril, his ever loyal guide and protector asked of him.

Instead he forgives them all and prays earnestly to the King who sends him to the garden, his trimmed beard drenched with tears of love from his sincere supplications to The Most Merciful Lord that He may open up their hearts to know Him and love Him.

Now these very same people, their sons and daughters are all here by the fountain in the garden. Some are guards ready to serve him at a moment notice and still some of those who gather around him would just sit there to listen to his stories and parables which are all lessons in truths. Whilst some are happily playing with their mates and children, others group around raised dais sipping jasmine tea mixed with honey and lemon flavoured with essence of rose. 

"Let moderation be your garb. Avoid excessiveness for the King loves not those who are excessive!" He proclaims with gentle gestures of his hand. His pair of loving eyes looking into the hearts of his attentive companions and audiences. His depth of knowledge and wisdom is unsurpassed as he is learned by The King Himself to whom he surrender completely his soul and affairs. 

"Enough for us that The Lord is always by our sides with His Favours for there is no other power stronger than the Lord's Power who is The King over all the kings!"

The Keeper's sincerity, truthfulness and humility are witnesses to his unwavering faith in The Lord's Mercy and Love  to all His creations. He encourages all his companions and all the slaves in the garden to take lessons even from Enemy. Often reminding us all to offer mercy to all the vanquisheds instead of curses and revenges but only for The King's sake. For that is The Order Of The Lord Himself who deputises him the garden. When he walks about the garden people would bow their heads and those sitting down would risen to welcome him. He firmly disallows such shows of respect always preferring more to the simple salutations of Peace.

"Do not raise both hands and bow to me  like in the days of  decadence. Let us not imitate the salutations of those ignorants who are of the West. I am but a slave and the son of a slave! Instead greet each other with greetings of Peace from the Almighty and Most Compassionate King of all kings!" He admonishes with a little smile. Although many similar incidents cause him to grieve, he handles them without the slightest signs of temper, of which he is wellknown for not having.

He is without doubt the Master who commands all the King's slaves. Yet he refused to be treated like a master befitting his status as the King's Most Beloved Emissary. His anger is the King's anger and his love is the vast Mercy Oceans of the King Himself. He never raises his voice in anger; his words are wisdoms so precise. Shorts but everlasting lessons in humility and simplicity. A great orator who very rarely speaks at length.   

"O MercifuI Master of  The Most Merciful King! What if when in my zest I may become overzealous and give you a bad name instead?" 

Always shameless and trying very hard not to be overly inquisitive or disrespectful in his presence I ask for his reassurance. Although many times over the years sitting around him by the fountain in the garden, the clarity of his lessons are all too self-explainatory to warrant any question. 

Here is the person in flesh and blood who is wellknown as the greatest man in the whole of the universe and yet I found him so humble, sincere and truthful. His aura and charisma is so overpowering and yet he makes everyone feels so at ease, like a feeling inside me - that I am very dear to him! Of course that is also the feeling of everyone who meets him. The way he greets you is like he has known you for years.

It is really impossible for anyone not to fall in love with him. 

He is so generous to the point that he often share his meagre meals with others.

"What is enough for one person will be enough for two." He often reminds us. Selflessness.

"The last morsel in your plate is where the blessings, so do not be wasteful less the food will curse you instead." His belief in Zero Wastage.

"Gently, Gently! Be mindful with your gallops for the one shaken under the hoofs is also our companion!" Kindness to all things for all things are living things. Unlike us but equals.

He who loves will be loved and he who sows hate wil harvest hatred. Those are some of the lessons that are permanently imprinted in my heart. To treat all creations of with love! 

I often feel so small and guilty that I could not do more for the love of him.

"What took you so long!" He smiles for me, almost laughing so sweet never before seen in his face. I kissed his right hand, my tears still wet on the back of his palm as I hug him. He hugs me back so tight and warm until I can feel his heart beats and he feels mine. Our hearts are now like a pair of beating drums excited because their longing fulfill.

Of course he knows why I took so long to meet him. There is no need for an answer.

"It's been 15 years." He says gazing deep and loving as usually he is.

I did not reply. Just seeing him again swept me off my feet completely. I was swarmed with my own guilts and preoccupations but I never once forgotten him or our first meeting. 

He knows then that I need to chart my own destiny. To see things in perspective, I used to tell myself. He knows those pursuits are parts and parcels of the journey. He knows that without the search there is no discovery thus no conquest. Without that conquest one will not be with him by the fountain in the garden.

There is only one garden. Not two. Not three. One. With many fountains of various sizes and all kinds of landscapes. His fountain is incomparable in terms of design and structure. Solid in its beauty and perfection. Crafted with unsurpassing passions and all encompasssing eternal love, the water oozes with sweetness of honey that no words can ever describe. Whoever has come to taste it will know but will not be able to explain in exact.

One who knows, knows. You don't know what you don't know. 

Try as I might very hard to narrate down what took place in our meetings which are rare and concessional, I will not be able to relate to you in simpler words.

"If all is reveals, you certainly will weep more and laugh little. Angel instead of you will walk this garden!" He laughed softly.

I was mesmerised by what was spoken. That is his way of joking with close ones. Always meaningful with his each and every utterance. That is one reason why I love him so much. More than my own parents or anyone else for that matter. 

As long as I have his love and he loves me. Nothing Else Matters.

"But, O Beloved Master whom all creations mention the name in their praises!  Fifteen years of travel with endless ups and downs?" 

Truthfully not a question for him to answer me as much as just pouring my heart content to him. Sometimes I say a lot of silly things in his presence but I am sincere with words and that's probably why he likes me in the first place that I am only human and to err is my portion.

"Your action is judge to your intention!"  He says to me once long before. 

He knows that the road to the garden is not an easy one for anyone to traverse. Thorns and wrongs litter the path. Sweets, flowers and fruits by the roadside slow the journey. Beautiful palaces with dancing girls and plentiful harems to boot. Of course The King has erected signboards and has guides position along the way but I do declare I take my sweet times. 

In dark cold nights alone in wide stormy seas, my fragile little boat rocks and dances like bubbles on ocean crests. The map he provides is a great help and the Almighty King has put in place buoys and lighthouses to avoid the sandbanks and icebergs. Nonetheless it is a perilous journey that forces one to pluck one's courage and learn skills to navigate safely and reach The Sanctuary where the King's treasures are. Looking at the stars from the deck, how they decorate themselves around the full moon I learn the meaning of perfection. Not once but many times, because the mast breaks and the ocean waves are higher than mountains, the seagulls mercilessly lullaby the boat upside down one turn helplessness into surrender. It is just another lesson to discover faith in one's fate. 

Alone. No one insight to ask help from. Then one hears the sound of helicopter engine hovering above. Visions blur for lack of water and drained of energy.  Struggling in iced cold ocean and breathing the last air. Life or Death.

"Thank you! Thank you so much" I said as I collapsed into the arms of the wingman.  

Since not much is left from the boat other than broken pieces of useless planks, by the mercy of The King new boat is made and the journey begins from where they found my shipwreck. Destiny means total submission to the King's Command. I know very little then that to listen and obey him means forgiveness from the King's Mercifulness.  

"You will not reach the tree top when you do not climb. The downwards are for you to learn humility and strength." He keeps patting me on my back. His sweet smile never leaves him. As always informal lesson with meanings lurking behind each and his every word.

"I can provide you the keys but the treasure chests one can only opens with sincerity and selflessnes". 

I learn the hard way and I still have plenty to learn from this man who himself claims he is just a mortal like others are . I swear in the name of His Majesty that not only he is the master to all the slaves in the garden but truly he is  The  Immortal Master to all the sages that I happen to know in my journey. But he who is The Keeper of The Fountain is not himself a sage. 

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