Monday, 21 March 2011

Song Of A Stray Cat

A Stray Cat By The Fountain In Cordova, Spain

I was once a young engineer
I have fortunes, position and power
I thought I was a good tinker
but really I was a slave to my own career

I later become a businessman to make mountains of money
Gallantly I charted my own destiny but I soon quit the journey
when I saw the success and the crimes
lurking behind all the dimes

That's how I become a thinker
No regret although I end up a pauper
I want to change the world and repair its seams
with ambitions and dreams

Not by my own design now that I join the gardeners
savouring all your Signs and your various Colours
kissing the fragrance of roses with my other harvesters
planting flowers; learning from the birds, the trees and the bees
sipping the sweetness of honey in the early morning breeze

O Most Glorious Designer
In this Garden of creatures
You teach me to be a slave amongst your many slaves
but a cat I am now so wounded, crippled yet thankful to live
licking my wounds, sweating; drinking from the fountain of Love
fulfilling my journey towards Unity

I am yours O Magnanimous Destiny
because of You now I am a wanderer
although just another creature bonded by Eternity
I am now free to wonder 
Bravery, Bold by Liyafendi
Pure Beauty, Blooming Innocence by Liyafendi 
Photo Arts compliments of Liyafendi Studio, Tsukuba Japan

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